Friday, December 30, 2011

Hat and Scarf, Mittens and Boots: Freebie and Mini-Unit

In our school, we had little (and big!) ones show up on chilly days with nothing more than a thin sweatshirt to keep them warm. Meanwhile, I was out in full winter gear- still chilly!

I wrote this poem to serve as a memory tool for extra things that we wear in Winter to keep warm and toasty. In addition, it introduces vocabulary words, addresses changes in temperature and the resulting choices that students should make in terms of their outerwear.

I'm so excited to share my first TPT submission! (click on image to download for FREE!)

If you enjoy the poem, I created an accompanying mini-unit of labelling, counting, printing and drawing activities as well as a letter home to parents about good clothing choices! (Click on image to see)

♥ Miss Moore

My Winter Break & January Ideas!

I'm joining Clutter-Free Classrooms invitation to share about our Winter Breaks!

With a nice big family, Christmas means lots of visiting, eating, baking, eating, sleeping and, well.. more tasty treats to eat!

My highlights were my annual baking fest with my dear Omi and spending Christmas morning with very excited nephews (who had been just given a drum set!)

ready to be baked, filled with jam and sprinkled in sugar!


With the new year just around the corner, I've been searching out art ideas to re-engage active little ones!

Maybe a little cutting and gluing with felt..

My 11 in '11!

Hello teaching blog world! Here goes my first entry to a linky party.. :)

11. Favorite movie you watched: The Horse Boy. I'm a huge documentary fan and this movie followed the  family of a boy with Autism into Mongolia to try out traditional healing methods. A combo of the incredible  love shared, the gorgeous landscapes and the heartwarming end had me hooked :) 

(It was made in 2009, but Netflix has a way of making me discover older gems)

10. Favorite TV series: Can 2 tie? Big Bang Theory and Fringe. So good.

9. Favorite restaurant: Oh my gosh, Mehfil India. A top-quality Indian buffet, close to home! 

8. Favorite new thing you tried: Having recently moved to a new area and new school rich in East Indian heritage, I've been trying my best to learn about and try all the new foods that I can. I recently learned how to make roti, a traditional flat bread. One of the best parts? Leftovers = roti-wiches for lunch the day after!

7. Favorite gift you got: A big yellow le creuset french oven! It's got a permanent spot of my stovetop and I'm trying to cook everything in it!

6. Favorite thing you pinned: I would LOVE to try this in my classroom: 

5. Favorite blog post: I stumbled upon Chalk Talk's Halloween Alphabet Song and a Few Other Ideas while doing a very general "Halloween" google seach (ie. help! Halloween is coming, what should I do with a classroom of excited princesses and spidermans?). I ended up doing 2 of the posted art projects and started exploring other teaching blogs from there :)

4. Best accomplishment: This year was a whirlwind, I graduated and within a few months, I was setting up my Kindergarten room. My very own. I have to say becoming Miss Moore and watching my little ones grow and learn and thrive has been incredible.

3. Favorite picture:  & 2. Favorite memory: My mister and I boarded our first plane together and spent two weeks in Waikiki, Hawaii. The time together, the fresh seafood, the warm evenings, the days spent poolside.. can I go back? Now? Please?

1. Goal for 2012: Keep my eyes, ears and heart wide open.


What other career has people working through their days off, missing their 'office' and dreaming of new ideas? 

Winter break may not quite be over yet, but my brain is in full Kindergarten mode! I've been planning & after months of blog stalking/ admiring/ getting giddy over other ideas, I've made my own! 

Look out for mini-units, activities and resources created with the English Language Learning Kindergartener in mind!

♥ Miss Moore